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Playboy Model - Naj'a Irie
Los Angeles, California
- March 2013 Hustler
-Playboy Special Edition Lingerie
Oct 2011 to Nov 2011
-Playboy Special Edition College Girls
Jul 2011 to Aug 2011
-Playboy Special Edition College Girls
Nov 2011 to Dec 2011
-Playboy’s Big Boobs & Hot Buns Special Edition
Jan 2011 Collector's Edition
-Playboy's Coed of the Week Apr. 2011
-Playboy's Student Bodies 1-4
- Playboy March Madness with Audrey Nicole
- Playboy Plus - Isla Bonita
- Playboy Plus - Sweet Lips
- Playboy Facetime with Naj'a Irie
- Menz Collection Magazine Dec. 2012 and Mar. 2010
- Dynasty Series 2013
- Digital Desire
- Babes.com Presents A Sip of Mocha Starring Naj'a Irie

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yes I made homemade fried rice and orange chicken for dinner

Naj’a Irie
Check out the #Eat #Remix from my boy @mallymall feat. @curlyheadedblackboy and @nya_lee_ourcutt
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Pharell does not exsist


This man did not age physically since high school. How the flippin flyin fuck does that work? He always looks clean (which I cant say for most celebs) and  his skin looks extremly and unnaturally soft like he bathes in unicorn tears or something.